Workfocus / We are an employment service committed to helping individuals who have experienced mental illness to find, develop and maintain employment opportunities on a pathway to career choice and aspirations.


We do this through a team of committed, compassionate, and professional  employment consultants.  Our consultants have extensive networks with employers and diverse backgrounds that cater for all. We are here to take the time to understand your passions, interests, and skills and to create winning connections between you and your future employer.

Workfocus is a well- established service, which  provides a placement and support service; finding, maintaining, and developing job and career opportunities for those who have experienced mental illness.

Workfocus is an integral part of Framework, a non-government organisation delivering numerous services throughout Auckland, to people who have experienced mental illness. The organisation's positioning statement is "Recovery Through Partnership," which demonstrates its commitment to the recovery journey.

With Workfocus, community is a key concept of our delivery and we are immensely proud of the current partnerships we have established. 

Please feel free to browse through any of the links in our web menu to find out more about what Workfocus does – there definitely is something for everyone! Being an employment service is not just about OUR job – it’s about YOUR job. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

Warmest Regards,

Team Leader, Workfocus 

* Workfocus is a member of the Association for Supported Employment in New Zealand.